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Christ is All

This past January, the theme of our 89th annual convention was “Christ Is All,” based upon Colossians 3:11.

Read that passage, and also Luke 24:27, where Jesus explains to His two followers on the road to Emmaus how even the earliest scriptures up through the prophets spoke of things concerning Jesus Christ.

fingerHow we all need to daily remind ourselves that “Christ Is All”! The two disciples on the road to Emmaus were terribly depressed and discouraged by the awful events that led to Jesus’ totally unexpected humiliation and crucifixion (though He had warned them of these things beforehand). At that moment, they were so wrapped up in their own grief that they failed to recognize Jesus Himself in their midst.

The reason for their depression was that they forgot how fully Christ really is all. They failed to understand the very scriptures that they no doubt had memorized from childhood.

They were overcome by circumstances rather than truth. Unknowingly, they allowed events and theological fads of the day to dictate their interpretation of scripture rather than let God speak for Himself.

They allowed themselves to pick apart the smallest details of scripture while remaining blind to the scripture’s overall plan and purpose. When Jesus cleared the cobwebs from their thinking, we are told that their hearts burned within them at their own blindness. As Jesus opened their eyes to truth, their hearts and minds were set free.

This happened, not to godless men, but to the best of men. If it happened to the most spiritual men of that day, it also can happen to you and me. How easily we can allow our own present circumstances to twist the clear teachings of scripture! If you are grieving endlessly over the state of things right now, you share their same weakness!

How quickly we forget that Jesus Christ is at the center of all scripture from Genesis through Revelation! How quickly we forget that Jesus Christ is at the center of history and controls it! Jesus’ life was not snatched from Him by wicked men more powerful than He, but rather, He gave up His life as a ransom for many. It was all part of “The Plan” that leads to a New Heaven and New Earth.

Likewise, all the circumstances that cause our own distress.

Whatever troubles us, Christ is still all and controls all. Like the two men on the road to Emmaus, we all face personal weaknesses of body, soul and spirit. We face economic and political instability, and even collapse. We face persecution and slander from enemies of the gospel.

In short, we face the same challenges faced by the two men 2000 years ago. But Jesus continues to walk the same road with us, eager to open our eyes and cause our hearts to burn within us as He shows us the truth. Will we allow Him to pry our self-imposed scales from our eyes?

When we see and know the truth that sets us free, we will, like the two men, tell others what we have seen and heard until all of India and the world will have the truth that sets free.

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